Spring Branch Tae Kwon Do Martial Arts

What do we believe?

The truth is our Taekwondo classes promote self-discipline by teaching our students the power of their strength and how to use it wisely and responsibly. When a child learns that they can accomplish their goals, they gain the confidence in their abilities, and this lesson extends long after their Taekwondo practice is behind them. By promoting our core values of discipline, loyalty, and respect, our students leave confident in their sense of character and focus through their devotion to their Taekwondo journey.

What do we offer?

We offer a safe haven for children to build character and confidence within themselves. Our Taekwondo after school and summer programs teach elementary aged students healthy emotional regulation and confidence in self-defense against bullying. As a licensed daycare, Spring Branch Tae kwon Do also offers tutoring, homework time management, and snacks.
It gets even better. Spring Branch Tae Kwon Do offers pick up services to nearby schools if needed.

Our Spring Branch Community

Inside our Taekwondo school, we teach our students the value of loyalty, and we show what we’ve learned by engaging in our communities. The Spring Branch Taekwondo 3rd Annual Bike Drive works with Spring Branch ISD gathers new or gently used bicycles and helmets to distribute to underprivileged children. It’s a great way to give back to our communities and teach our students the gift of giving.
When it comes to fundraising for Taekwondo tournaments or nationals, we work with our community to raise money because we want our students to know that their community cares about their personal growth and well-being. We work closely with the people in our community and offer support when we can.
“Remember that Martial Arts are not only good for your health and your defense, but for a mental discipline that requires constant practice.”


What is Taekwondo?

Tae “Foot”, Kwon “Hand”, Do “discipline”… The art of the hand and foot.
Taekwondo is an ancient martial art that originated in the country we now call Korea. Taekwondo surpasses physical training skills. For many, it is a lifestyle meeting strict rules of self-discipline. The ancient teachings of martial arts show students a way to control their emotions and channel their energy in a healthy, productive form.
The most devoted students believe Taekwondo is a lifestyle. Others believe it is an art form of self-expression. However, it is always a discipline.

Master James Mutters // Owner, Instructor

I Started tae kwon do in November of 1976, in Pleasanton, TX when I was 8 years old. I received my first black belt in December of 1979. I trained with many different masters due to my parents moving us from city to city before settling in the Spring Branch area and training under Master Jin Hak Cho and raising a family of my own with two kids.
Participating in Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts with my son for eleven years as den leader and assistant scout master. In July of 2010 after training for thirty three years, I fulfilled my life long dream of opening my own tae kwon do school.
“Remember that Martial Arts are not only good for your health and your defense, but for a mental discipline that requires constant practice.”

What is it like at Spring Branch Taekwondo?

Character building starts with the first step into our Spring Branch Tae Kwon Do school. We welcome each student who walks through our doors ready to find their place in our Taekwondo classes.
What are we?
As a certified daycare and a professional Tae kwon do school in Houston, our program at Spring Branch Tae Kwon Do cultivates self-discipline and self-control by providing a safe place for our students to naturally build their own character under our guidance. This is how our students learn how to stand up against peer pressure, to regulate their emotions, and to accomplish their goals with focus and dedication.
Our students are picked up directly from school or are dropped off by their parents. We teach them our Spring Branch Tae Kwon Do rules, and they show us respect by following them.

How are we different?

We are not just a daycare center, and we are not just a Tae kwon do school. We are a combination of both. Our Tae kwon do classes motivate your children to set goals for themselves and place stepping stones for them to achieve those goals. Our mission is to promote confidence within each of our students through their Martial Arts journey.
On the other hand, as a daycare center, we make sure students develop time management skills, feel that they have time for play, and have a snack before heading home for dinner. If your child is having a hard time in a certain subject, don’t worry! At Spring Branch Tae kwon do, tutoring service are available.


$90/ week


End of school day until 6 p.m

Months available

September – May
“Remember that Martial Arts are not only good for your health and your defense, but for a mental discipline that requires constant practice.”

What’s our Summer Camp like?

Spring Branch Tae Kwon Do Summer Camp expands its services to offer a full day of engaging activities for our students. From 8 a.m. until 6 p.m., we prepare each day with structured time slots for various activities to encourage consistency between play and discipline.

Quiet Reading

Tae kwon do Education

Structured Play Time

Tae kwon do Classes

Independent Play Time

Fun Field Trips

Of course, we want our students to enjoy their summer vacation as well, which is why we go above and beyond at Spring Branch Tae Kwon Do Summer Camp. With our ties to the Spring Branch community, our field trips provide our students with new experiences to keep them excited every morning they come to camp!
Field trips hosted by Spring Branch Tae Kwon Do Summer Camp:

Movie Theatre

Bowling Alley/Pizza Party


Local Swimming Pool


What’s the best part?

At Spring Branch Tae Kwon Do, we have plenty of options for parents to choose from. Choose how many days a week your child will attend, or pick a few weeks out of June, July, or August for summer camp. It’s not all or nothing at Spring Branch Tae Kwon Do Summer Camp!
Months available: June, July, & August


$140 per week


7 a.m. through 6 p.m., Monday through Friday
“Remember that Martial Arts are not only good for your health and your defense, but for a mental discipline that requires constant practice.”


My kids love this place! They’ve been students for almost a year now and I have noticed such great changes both physically and mentally. Master Mutters has such great teaching skills and genuinely cares for all of his students. They offer a wonderful daycare program that my kids can’t get enough of.
Every day is filled with new activities, field trips & what I like the most is that they stay so active. No sitting on the couch watching tv for my kids. I’m happy to drop them off while I’m at work because I know they will have a productive day! I definitely recommend this place if anyone is in need of great teachers that care about future goals for their children.
Teresa S.

Awesome program and aftercare!! My 7 yr old grandson as been attending for 2 years and absolutely loves it. They offer an encouraging and happy environment where the students gain strength, confidence and discipline. Staff is wonderful and genuinely care about their students and families. My grandson had lots of fun at their summer program last year and can’t wait to go again. Highly recommend!!
Janet I.

My son has been attending SBTKD and not only is he having fun but he is learning self discipline and respect. Master Mutters and his team are very attentive in teaching martial arts but also very attune in providing a structured regiment for after school care including study time. Very few places care enough about your family structure to have after school care, summer camps, and holiday care while at the same time teaching kids the fundamentals of a discipline that can carry them to adulthood. A very rewarding experience as a parent.
Jonathan G.

My boyfriend’s girls have been going there for over 6 years now, both of whom attained their black belts. He joined 4 years ago and just got his black belt alongside his youngest daughter. The girls have been in TKD, day care and the summer program and absolutely loved all of it-AND STILL DO! Master Mutters and Master James are like family and I’ve witnessed first hand all of the smiles they bring to these kids-and their parents. I’ve also personally witnessed how patient and caring the instructors are with the kids. I decided to join back in October and it has been challenging for me(not the most athletic here!), but VERY rewarding. Realistically I’ll be shy of 50 when it’s black belt test time for me, but I look forward to it. Black belts aren’t handed out like candy or sold to the highest bidder, they’re EARNED. SBTKD stands by this principal, as well as teaching its young students respect, discipline, honor, loyalty and love for one’s self and others. I’m happy and proud to say our family is part of the SBTKD family and would recommend this awesome school to anyone!
Tracy F.

Great place that teaches discipline and respect for others. Masters are great and stay involved in the community.
Jesus O.

We absolutely love Spring Brand TKD. My girls have been attending since this place opened almost 4 years ago and now my toddler twin boys are joining. I’ve NEVER had a problem or issue with this business. Master Mutters has always treated us with importance and respect. Master Mutters and his staff members are like family and treat everyone like family. They are extremely approachable, kind and caring people. Master Mutters and his team do a great job with all the children here. My daughters are taught their TKD forms with patience and encouragement. We absolutely love this place. We feel like we are part of a family here.
Nmita S.

My 5 year old who has ADHD with severe hyperactivity & anxiety, has been attending Spring Branch Taekwondo since October 2016 in the after care program and now summer camp. As a single mom, my son doesn’t have many male role models. Since he started attending SBT, I have seen significant improvement in his behavior he adores Master Mutters, his wife, Master James and his friends. I’m impressed when I see kids his age and older during belt testing. For the price I’m paying for after care, which was the same amount for a previous Taekwondo school he attended, I think we’re getting more for our money. I can’t compare it with other summer camp programs since this is his first summer camp and I felt like I had no reason to shop around. They help the kids with homework, they have fun activities for the kids, watch movies, teach them taekwondo, take them on awesome field trips, and I’ve even watched Master James playing with kids including my son. Master James even cleaned up my son when my son vomited all over the table and on himself. They’re just awesome! My son and I just love them. It’s a great place and they are just honestly a nice family who make the place have a family feel.
Melissa G.

My son has been going to SBTKD for about a year and a half now and it’s been a great experience for him. Master Mutters and Master James both have a wonderful way with the kids: firm but encouraging and supportive. My son has gone to both the taekwondo classes during the year and the summer camp and says he “loves it and the coaches are really nice and great teachers. Beyond what I expected!”
The summer camps provide a really nice balance of relaxed free play and reading time, organized tkd skills, plus an outing each day of the week – park, library, bowling, swimming, and movie theater. The prices are very competitive with other day camps, and the afternoon/evening classes are also competitive with other sports we’ve tried.
I’ve really felt comfortable there, and have always felt I could ask any question of Master Mutters, could drop in any time, and I would get his full attention as soon as possible, and that’s important to me. Have met a lot of other great families there, too!
Lisa S.

SBTKD school is a gem. My son has attended both the after-school program and the summer camp programs for six years. I have nothing but praise for this place.
Our son’s progression and growth has been helped in many ways with the help of the people who guide and supervise him. He likes being there, he enjoys his time with the other kids, and he admires his teachers and coaches at this school. Lessons are part of the after-school and camp programs. The school also has lessons for kids (and adults) to attend at set times. The after-school program for us has been great several ways. SBTKD has a bus that picks up from our elementary school (Valley Oaks). After-school activities include lessons, and importantly homework, but also time to read, play, and so on. The summer camp is also quite good. Each weekday, besides lessons, is connected to a specific activity, library on one day, movie theater on another day, swimming on another day, bowling on another. (I don’t remember the exact day-to-activity matching). Time in front of ‘screens’ (TV, tablets, etc.) is appropriate and limited. Our son very much enjoys the combination of structured activity and freedom to play. For us, Tae Kwon Do lessons are part of the tuition paid for afterschool and summer camp. Both programs are flexible in which days and which weeks we attend, which suits our schedules. Our experience is that advancement through the belts is at an appropriate pace and honestly matched to the student and his or her effort and progression. Each parent is proud of their own kid, but in our time there I have also seen many children progress from complete novices to fantastic athletes with advanced belts, and I have admiration for those kids as well. This school is also the recipient of several years’ Good Neighbor awards from the school district. The owner, Master Mutters, is person of strong commitment and obvious pride in bringing each student along in their ability in the sport, but also in respect, sense of self and steady character.I can’t say enough good things about this school.
Phil S.
My daughter recently began attending this place and she loves it!! Everyday she comes home happy and excited from what she learned throughout the day. I was very nervous at first just for the fact that she had never attended summer camp and this was going to be her first time.
My daughter is very shy and if she doesn’t like a place or feels uncomfortable, she’s not scared to let me know but thankfully this was not the case. It makes me very happy knowing I can come to work and not have to worry about my daughter. I love that everyday there are different activities and that the kids are maintained active but I also like the fact that they are thought the art of Tae kwon do.
I am very grateful for the staff in making her feel welcome and comfortable since day one. I know for a fact we will be returning next summer and have even considered continuing throughout the school year! I was recommended this place by an existing student and I am very glad I took the chance!
Yeni M.