What are we?

As a certified daycare and a professional Tae kwon do school in Houston, our program at Spring Branch Tae Kwon Do cultivates self-discipline and self-control by providing a safe place for our students to naturally build their own character under our guidance. This is how our students learn how to stand up against peer pressure, to regulate their emotions, and to accomplish their goals with focus and dedication.

Our students are picked up directly from school or are dropped off by their parents. We teach them our Spring Branch Tae Kwon Do rules, and they show us respect by following them.

Why us?

Our Tae kwon do classes are a great outlet for children, and as a licensed daycare center, our after school and summer programs give elementary aged kids a place to meet new friends. We set apart time for homework management as part of our self-discipline lessons, and our entire program aims to give children the confidence to focus and succeed in all areas of life outside the Dojang.

How are we different?

We are not just a daycare center, and we are not just a Tae kwon do school. We are a combination of both. Our Tae kwon do classes motivate your children to set goals for themselves and place stepping stones for them to achieve those goals. Our mission is to promote confidence within each of our students through their Martial Arts journey.

On the other hand, as a daycare center, we make sure students develop time management skills, feel that they have time for play, and have a snack before heading home for dinner. If your child is having a hard time in a certain subject, don’t worry! At Spring Branch Tae kwon do, tutoring service are available.

That’s not all! We can pick up your child from the schools below:

Valley Oaks Elementary

Treasure Forest Elementary

Cedarbrook Elementary


$90/ week


End of school day until 6 p.m

Months available

September - May

“Remember that Martial Arts are not only good for your health and your defense, but for a mental discipline that requires constant practice.”

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